The dreamy pop piano invitations of Elisa Kate captivate you with that skin deep smoky vocal tone. The warmhearted farm girl strips away the clutter, summoning your soul to awaken.

A small town dreamer with a 100 year old piano, Elisa Kate was told she couldn't sing. Little did they know, this only ignited her passion for defying the odds and achieving her dreams despite the claims she never would.

A girl who prides herself on never fitting in, Elisa Kate is the type of young lady who prefers to work on her 1984 Holden Gemini, rather than get her nails done. Inspired by her two favourite Johns, Mayer & Foreman (Switchfoot), Elisa Kate combines her freelance piano style, with her frustration over meaningless pop music, creating an infusion of bright, stirring hope filled melodies. Tapping into our every day questions, her intimate vocal and lyrical depth weave their charm beneath your skin.

Using criticism to her advantage, Elisa Kate's debut single 'Any Smarter?', inspired by a jealous lady calling her "fat" and "stupid", combined a funky piano rhythm with a sassy comeback to haters. Resonating with young and old, this offering from the cheeky songstress landed her a feature at Hollywoods MUSEXPO 2011.

Conquering many setbacks in her music, health & life, Elisa Kate has gone on to receive multiple awards in the Australian Songwriting Competition. Elisa Kate's life motto is, "You know me, I ain't a quitter, and with God's strength I know I can achieve anything." Young fans from the USA to Indonesia, share her positive vibes, with frequent social media comments like, "Your music makes me smile when the world makes me cry".

Elisa Kate has performed with Australian legend Rick Price, who delightedly expressed "she draws me in when she performs". Her tours include USA in 2014, including SXSW Festival, and a Sydney / Melbourne tour in 2015 promoting her latest EP release, 'To The Sky' (iTunes). Described by The Herald as "A star with an engaging live presence - great to hear something with substance", the EP received radio requests from Melbourne to New York.

In 2016 Elisa Kate began working with independent Sydney label A&R, spending a year in the studio, writing new material and out on the road performing. Elisa Kate has since supported Toni Childs and Judah Kelly (The Voice) in concert to over 25000 people, before releasing her smash hit single in 2018, 'Promise Me'. Attracting rave reviews from multiple platforms, Elisa's "accessible, heartfelt lyrics" and "fine Indie Pop flavours" gained 'Promise Me' a Number 1 chart position across 23 stations of Aussie Independent radio, and a Top 10 slot in the 2018 Australian Songwriting Awards, along with Cool Try nominating it as their feature track, declaring, "Can never get enough of Elisa's voice".

Elisa's brand new single 'Now Or Never', out March 29, is a call to anyone with a dream, challenging you to move out of your comfort zone, and find the courage to follow your own path. Download the track and watch the music video on the home page! 

Catch Elisa Kate Live, performing weekly in the Hunter, Mid North Coast and beyond, with her intimate piano set, as well as duo and trio formats. Follow Elisa Kate on social media for all the latest, and you'll be hooked.